Busy Kid Magnetic Weekly Activity Planner

My almost 3 year old son has recently started asking each day what we are doing, so I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to start using an activity planner with him.

We received the busy kid magnetic weekly activity planner promptly in the mail, knowing that it wasn’t going to stick on our stainless steel fridge. However, I thought the magnetic whiteboard easel that my son was given last Christmas was actually a much better idea, as we have the kitchen gated off, so my son wouldn’t be able to see or reach the planner if I had stuck it on the fridge anyway.

The activity planner kit consists of an A4 sized magnetic planner and 40 funky little activity magnets. As my son is not quite old enough to read, he loved the colourful little pictures, as he could recognise what they stand for.

I drew up columns on the whiteboard for things that my son must do each day, such as eat breakfast, brush his teeth, get dressed, have a bath, etc. We then used the days of the week columns for planned activities for the week, such as visiting grandparents, kindy (daycare), playgroup and Mummy’s exercise class. After we had set up the planned activities for the week, I then let my son select what fun activities he would like to do between the planned activities, such as painting, craft, games, reading, puzzles, etc. He really enjoyed being able to choose his own fun activities for the week!

The fact that they are magnets, made it easy to reschedule any activities, if plans had changed. Unlike the old pen and paper planners, where there would have been scribbles and arrows drawn everywhere and would most likely confuse the poor child.

It was a great way to help him learn the days of the week, as each morning we would say what the day is and this is what we are doing. He was able to follow his daily chores and we found that it led to less arguments over what needed to be done as he loved being able to follow his routine that was set out on the whiteboard. It wasn’t too long before he became so used to it that he started reminding Mummy of things that were to be done.

Overall, I thought that the busy kid weekly activity planner was a fabulous product for my son and would be happy to recommend it as a useful tool for teaching kids routine and organisational skills. It certainly made planning fun and my son loved that he was being included in planning the week ahead.

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