Weekend at Home with the Family

Not all weekends have to be spent going out with your kids. Maybe you’re tired from the long work week or the weather is not cooperating with your plans. Regardless of the reason, staying at home with your kids during the weekend can be beneficial. It can teach them to be more creative with their surroundings. Staying at home can also let you catch up on recent events together as a family. Below are some ideas that can make a stay at home weekend memorable.

Don’t Be Limited To Staying Indoors

Some of the best times I had while staying at home were in the backyard. There are so many things to do, from throwing around water balloons to building real dirt forts. You may not realize how fast time flies when you’re playing outside. One idea usually starts a chain reaction of other ideas, and before you know it, the sun is already about to go down. A great way to follow up a day filled with outdoor activities is dinner and a family movie night in the living room. Don’t be surprised to see your kids fall asleep halfway through the movie because of all the fun they had in the backyard.

Participation Is Key

It is important to join in on the fun that your kids are having. Ever wonder why your kids ask you to play with them all the time? It’s more than likely that they want to share their experience with you. Instead of delegating fun activities, think of something you can do with your kids. I remember when my dad and I spent a whole weekend building a simple birdhouse together. At the time, building a birdhouse by myself would’ve been boring and slightly dangerous. With my dad around, it was twice the fun.

Teach Them Something New

For kids, some of the most engaging activities are when they are doing something for the first time or learning something new. A great idea is to think of an essential skill that you want to teach your child such as how to ride a bike or basic cooking techniques. It has been a long time since I learned how to ride a bike, but I remember the entire experience like it just happened last week.

Keep It Simple

You may not be the only one that is burned out from the weekday. Kids may also be tired from class and after-school activities. A fun activity can easily seem like a chore for kids who are worn out. Instead, it may be a great idea to lounge around or do an activity related to resting like installing a hammock in the kids’ room. This can also be the time for you to catch up on much needed rest.

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