Australia’s Newest and Largest Tigress Only at Dreamworld

Gold Coast, Australia – Dreamworld is excited to announce a new member to the Tiger Island family with the arrival of a 200kg female Tiger, who will go on record as Australia’s largest female tiger.

She has travelled all the way from a zoo in Poland to her new home at Tiger Island with the hopes that she will soon breed with another resident Tiger as part of Dreamworld’s commitment to global tiger conservation.  She weighs just 10 kilograms less than Australia’s largest male tiger, Sultan, who also lives at Tiger Island.

Dreamworld’s new tiger is completely unrelated to all other tigers in Australia and hence is an important addition to the Tiger Island group of big cats which is having a significant impact on the conservation of tigers and their habitats all around the world through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.

Since 2006 Dreamworld has raised more than $1.6 million for tiger conservation through its various in-park tiger experiences and guest donations, making it the world’s largest zoological contributor of funds to 21st Century Tiger in support of anti-poaching measures, education, habitat restoration and monitoring in tiger populated regions.

Sarah Christie, international tiger conservation expert at the Zoological Society of London offered her support of the move saying; “The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation is a very significant contributor to tiger conservation.”

“Not only do they raise a great deal of money to help save tigers in the wild – and inspire many thousands of people to care about tigers – with their Tiger Island big cats; they also breed the critically endangered Sumatran tiger as part of the Sumatran tiger  ‘Global Species Management Plan’, which I coordinate.  Few zoos are able to contribute at this level in all these different ways,” said Sarah.

The new female tiger can be seen by Dreamworld guests at The Lair where she will initially be kept under quarantine.

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